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  The number of accountants in the Russia could be reduced by almost three times.

English version > News > The number of accountants in the Russia could be reduced by almost three times.


The number of accountants in the Russia could be reduced by almost three times. Their duties want to bring together the functions of tax consultants. Yesterday, the Finance Minister of Russian Federation Anton Siluanov supported this proposal. There are two benefits at least: help businesses and optimization of financial reporting and the labor force, according to the Russian Federation Government House.

Yesterday, at the site of the "open government" was discussion about the main directions of the tax policy for the next three years (2014 and the planning period 2015-2016). For the first time their plans publicly discussed taxation, with the assistance of experts.

Part of the innovations in the published document is aimed at simplifying of the business. For example, it is proposed to transfer the functions of the administration of insurance contributions from extra-budgetary funds in the "one hand" - the Federal Tax Service (FTS). This will avoid a double burden on business.

The government is also considering to bring together accounting standards by Russian standards (RAS) with international standards (IFRS), says Mr. Abizov. These suggestions were made by experts of "open government" and the responsible ministries are working on their implementation. Yesterday they were supported by the Ministry of Finance and the head of Anton Siluanov. "The convergence of tax and accounting support, I propose to include them in the direction of fiscal policy", - he said. According to him, the plans will be presented sneaks prime minister Dmitry Medvedev at the next cabinet meeting on May 30.

A competent accountant should act as a tax consultant, said a leading expert of the magazine "Chief Accountant" Sergei Shilkin. "Introducing a separate post makes no sense, especially if it is a small company. If there is a really difficult question, there is always the opportunity to seek advice from the audit company ", - he said.

Source: RBC Daily

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