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We provide the following accounting services:
- arrangement of accounting
- bookkeeping
- compilation and delivery of reports
- restoration of shabby accounting
- compilation of accounting schemes of separate financial and economic operations
- selection and testing of accountants.

Service Arrangement of accounting
It is of current importance when founding or reorganizing an enterprise, when having crucial changes in legislation (for ex., separation of tax accounting), or having shabby accounting.  We may provide arranging of accounting in separate fields.
Our prime principle is to make your accounting perfectly working machine, providing information and documentation the quality of which meets the requirements of external and internal standard acts.
The result of our work is an analytical report with the description of  the documents circulation in your company (including  source and bookkeeping documents and registers), the schemes reflecting the economic operations in accounting, the accounting policy,  the order of forming of accounting registers and bookkeeping and tax reports.
At your request we may include in our report a chapter with recommendations on arranging an optimal accounting service (according to the quantity and qualification of the accountants).
Dear accountants! Our team-work with you will let you concentrate on the accounting work and avoid mistakes when reflecting atypical and complicated deals.

Service Bookkeeping
We accept the functions, power and responsibility of the Chief Accountant of your organization. Bookkeeping implies systematization of source documentations, reflection of the operations in accounting, formation of the necessary documentation and preparation of the reports.

For the Heads our service is a highly qualified current bookkeeping and compilation of reports, guaranteeing quality and lowering the risks of tax sanctions.

For the accountants we provide a chance to fulfil only simple operations with the responsibility taken by our auditors.

The result of this service is a fully compiled set of source and bookkeeping documentations and reports according to the reporting periods.

Service Compilation and delivery of reports
We compile accounting and tax reports on the basis of your documents (with closing the reporting period in accounting) which are then approved in the Tax authorities and other accepting authorities.
The result of this service is accepted accounting and tax reports.

Service restoration of shabby accounting
We restore bookkeeping documents and accounting on the basis of the customers source and bookkeeping documents. As a rule, the received results do not coincide with the reports possessed be the customer that is why we make up specifying bookkeeping and tax reports for the period under restoration.  Also we form the List of entries and operations necessary for reflecting in the current period.
In this service the acceptance of the specified reports in the tax authorities is included.
For the Heads this service is profitable in connection with the exclusion of sufficient tax sanctions in connection with the absence or incorrect accounting of subjects under taxation.

Accountants have a possibility to fulfil only current operations without digressing to the passed periods; it is the auditors who carry responsibility.

The financial service of an organization after the restoration of the accounting may use the correct data for analysis and planning the enterprises activity.

 The bookkeeping documents and reports are the result of this service.

Service Compilation of accounting schemes of separate financial and economic operations

This service is oriented on accountants.
On the basis of a detailed description of a deal we describe its accounting and documentary providing.
The Heads of an enterprise and its founders get guarantees of professionals that the scheme is correct and will not cause tax sanctions and other negative economic consequences.
 Accountants get ready-made schemes of the work; the responsibility for the correctness of the scheme lies on the auditors.

For the financial department it is the forecast of economic effect from deals.

Service Testing accountants
We carry testing of accountants and chief accountants in different levels of difficulty and spheres of specialization.
This service is provided for the Heads: our auditors skillfully and objectively choose specialists for accounting.
On finishing our work we issue a conclusion on testing of the chosen accountants.


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